Exercise 1: No Whining

The solution to this puzzle is a set of geospatial coordinates (longitude and latitude) in the form:

N DDº MM.mmm’ W DDº MM.mmm’

Where “DD” is degrees and “MM.mmm” is minutes (in thousandths). These coordinates are the solution to the mystery cache Puzzle Solving 101 – Lesson 1: Strategy (GCYXZ1). (This cache has been archived—the puzzle-solving lesson on the cache page is still visible, but the cache can no longer be found and logged.)

Oliver and Mae are hosting a picnic for their friends. Oliver prefers wines from as far north as possible, while Mae likes wines that come from the westernmost vineyards.

Oliver and Mae each chose a red, white, and sparkling wine to bring to the picnic. Based upon their choices, can you determine where the picnic will be held?

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Concatenate the ten digits (which may include leading and/or trailing zeroes) of the north minutes and west minutes together in left-to-right order to get the password to unlock the solution page. For example, if the solution is North 26º 01.234′ West 80º 56.789′ then the password would be 0123456789.

HINT (double-click the text to reveal): Jub pubfr jung? Ubj zhpu qvq qvq rnpu pbfg?

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