Exercise 3: Knowledge Is Power

The solution to this puzzle is a set of geospatial coordinates (longitude and latitude) in the form:

N DDº MM.mmm’ W DDº MM.mmm’

Where “DD” is degrees and “MM.mmm” is minutes (in thousandths). These coordinates are the solution to the mystery cache Puzzle Solving 101 – Lesson 3: Trivia (GCYXZ3). (This cache has been archived—the puzzle-solving lesson on the cache page is still visible, but the cache can no longer be found and logged.)

How well do you know your Schoolhouse Rock trivia? You remember Schoolhouse Rock – those music videos you loved on Saturday morning cartoons, brought to life by the creative team of Tom Yohe and Bob Dorough. This puzzle will test your knowledge of those 3-minute video clips of pure musical genius that fooled you into learning your times tables, grammar, science, American history, and more.

Below is a table of the titles of all 52 songs recorded for Schoolhouse Rock, Below the table is a list of statements about the songs in Schoolhouse Rock. Each of those statements is true about one or more songs, and more than one statement may be true for the same song. For each statement, determine the song or songs for which that statement is true, then cross that song or songs off of the list.

When you have finished with all of the statements, you will have exactly one song title left in each column that has not been crossed off. Plug the number next to that song into the following template to find the final coordinates of this cache.

N 26 07.ABC W 80 08.DEF

[PDF Version]

Concatenate the ten digits (which may include leading and/or trailing zeroes) of the north minutes and west minutes together in left-to-right order to get the password to unlock the solution page. For example, if the solution is North 26º 01.234′ West 80º 56.789′ then the password would be 0123456789.

HINT (double-click the text to reveal): Lbh jba’g svaq nyy bs gur nafjref ba Jvxvcrqvn. Va snpg, lbh zvtug abg or noyr gb fbyir guvf bar hfvat vagrearg fbheprf nybar.

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